Blog moving forward next year

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As some of you may have noticed the last two weeks i have not been adding the WODs to the blog each day. This was done to assess how many people were looking at the WODs and for what reason they were using it for.


Moving into 2018 i have decided to use the blog primarily for a weekly post which i will aim to put out at the start of each week. Along with the weekly newsletter, this post will include some information or ideas i want to get out to you all.


The WOD’s will still be up at the gym each day but i’d like there to be a bit of mystery to what you may be up to each day. If you have niggling injuries or are trying to avoid certain movements for a while we can certainly do that by scaling or subbing in and out movements but the program is written as a whole and when days are deliberately missed the program starts missing movements etc.


It also didn’t make much sense putting out blog posts that ended up discouraging people to attend some days. A bit counter-productive i would have thought. If you have any concerns about anything come and have a chat at the gym!


In the meantime i have set aside a plan for next year breaking the months up into certain focusses which will give each month and week an overarching goal for us to strive for. And now that most of you have put your 2018 goals up at the gym we know we are focussing on pullups and muscle ups to get 2018 started!

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