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With the end of the CrossFit Open fast approaching we will be switching our programming up a little bit which i thought a blog post would help to explain things ahead of time.


We are moving into a Strength Phase of our programming with a clear focus on Linear Progression with our lifts as well as some Template work for our skills. Week 1 of training we will aim to set starting points for each of our lifts, hopefully somewhere around 70% of each individual 1RM for everyone and add 2.5/1.25kg per attempt. If you dont have a 1RM for the lift we will aim for an Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE) of 7. Ideally you guys are using SugarWOD to track your lifts week to week and can add your weight to the board each session.


For our Skill Work we will be targeting adding people into Levels, usually from 1-4 depending on your ability and the skill. Each Level will have a prerequisite skill you have to have reached before attempting. This way we may be working on Pullups for the day and each different person can be working at the same time just at different levels. This will drive you all towards attempting to move to the next level as the strength and skill work of the template will drive your ability up week to week. For those starting at the top level the aim will be to add sets and reps to add difficulty. If there are enough of you at the top level i will add some more advanced work.


The aim will be to max out all our lifts and the different rep ranges, drop back 20% off the lift and build it back up trying to get past the previous maxed out point. Same with the skillwork hopefully we are able to move everyone towards some sort of higher level on the T2B, Pullup, Pistol and HSPU.


At some point later in the year we will transition out of this programming into some Endurance work as the weather gets warmer again!


Any questions please let me know.

1 year ago