Jess Thornton

Qualifications: CrossFit Level 2 trainer certification, CrossFit Football trainer certification, Certificate III and IV in Fitness

Jess began Football at Primary School with school friends and was introduced to weight training as a way to prepare for pre-season each year. After numerous injuries he decided to give up Football in his 20’s and focus on his job and going to the gym. Jess enjoyed helping others with their training and took up a job as a personal trainer after gaining his qualification. Early into his work as a Personal Trainer he was shown some CrossFit workouts and was hooked. He slowly started implementing them into his own training and then into some of his bootcamps and it wasn’t long until he went out on his own and opened Sovereign City CrossFit in early 2013. He has been coaching CrossFit ever since and hopes to keep raising the profile of CrossFit in Ballarat and surrounds.