Mick Watson

Qualifications: CrossFit Level 1 trainer certification, CrossFit Gymnastics Level 1 trainer certification, Australian Weightlifting Federation Level 1 trainer certification, Punchfit Level1 trainer certification

Mick got into fitness at a young age, doing karate as a child and moving through various martial arts styles into his teens and early twenties. At 10 he started gymnastics and after some time training he was on the road to the 2000 Sydney Olympic qualifiers but broke two fingers in training and that dream had to be put on hold. He fell in love with weight training to supplement his gymnastics but quickly became bored of the “Globo Gym” routine. He began working with a personal trainer and asked for more of a challenge and thats where CrossFit was suggested and he has been in love with this training style ever since. Seeing how CrossFit changes people’s bodies and minds is what drove him to become a coach and he works to help make people better ever since.